ToddlerLearning Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers {Toddler Approved This Week}

Learning Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers {Toddler Approved This Week}

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During the week we do a lot of activities at our house. Usually I share two to three of them with you in tutorials but thought it might be fun to share some of the other activities we’ve tried out that I won’t do whole posts on. These activities are ones we’ve tried from other bloggers or are ones we shared over at Life Your Way and repeated. After I review what we did last week, I’ll share a few of the activities we plan to try out next week. I’d love for you to stop by and share your favorite posts from last week or any activities you tried out by other bloggers too!

Last week we tried out these activities from some of our favorite blogs…

Disappearing Letters Alphabet Activity via No Time for Flashcards

In addition to making letters disappear, we also made our names and different shapes disappear too! 

Pool Noodle Water Fun via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Instead of playing with pool noodle pieces in the bathtub, we took them outside to the water table! Our Fisher-Price Little People had fun using the pool noodles as boats.

Bottle Top Count and Match Game via The Imagination Tree

We did bottle top number matching and then we also did some beginning sounds matching. We put stickers on the bottle caps. Then we said the names of each sticker (ex. Grover) and matching the picture to the letter that it started with. For example, Grover matched with the letter G.

We also repeated a few of these activities that I’ve already shared…

Bubble Wrap Printing via Life Your Way

Mostly my kids like to try and pop the bubbles while they are painting. Next week we are going to do this again but create spring shapes.

Shape Flower Garden

This week we used the paper shapes to make individual flowers. For my toddler I outlined the shapes after I made them into a flower picture… then I took off the papers and had her try and put the flower back together. It was kind of like a flower puzzle or tangram. It was a lot of fun.

Easy Spring Spin Art for Preschoolers via Life Your Way

Spin Art is a go-to activity with my kids. We could do it every day and they wouldn’t get bored. This week we tried spring shapes and my 5 year old also just used scrap paper to make odd shaped spin art masterpieces.

Shaving Cream Letters and Color Mixing

We read Mouse Paint and talked about color mixing. We mixed blue and red shaving cream to make purple.

Playdough Volcanoes

We make playdough volcanoes at least once a week. This week we stuck mini beakers inside the playdough volcanoes which was a fun twist to the activity.  

Next week we are going to be focusing on numbers, patterns, names, and bugs. Here are a few of the activities and crafts we’ll be trying out…   

Next week we will be reading… 

David Goes To School
and David Smells!: A Diaper David Book by David Shannon since we are spotlighting him for Virtual Book Club for Kids this month.

What is your favorite book by David Shannon?

What were your favorite activities that you tried out last week? 

Come share them in the comments or on our Facebook page. I loved this video shared by Teddi of her son doing our Tape Shape Matching game. Seeing the video was the highlight of my weekend!

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